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Import contacts from Hubspot using the API

In this tutorial, you can learn how to import and synchronize contacts from Hubspot to WaliChat using their respective APIs.

This integration allows you to automatically import and synchronize all your Hubspot contacts in WaliChat, so you can later browse and search contacts by name, email or phone number, and easily start new chats and send messages in WhatsApp from the WaliChat multi-agent web chat.

This process only synchronizes contacts from Hubspot into WaliChat, not the other way around. If you update contact information in WaliChat, these changes will not be reflected in Hubspot. Optionally, you can synchronize WaliChat with Hubspot using the API + Webhooks, however this task is beyond the purpose of this tutorial.


  • Hubspot account with API access.
  • WaliChat account: get your API key here
  • Familiarity with the programming language of your choice for connecting the APIs.

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